Atomic Heart-EMPRESS

The game world consists of huge open-world regions full of lush Soviet nature and less spacious territories of the Facility complexes with its secret underground and above-ground labs, bunkers and robotic logistics systems. Most of the enemies are a variety of machines produced at the Facility. Each robot was originally made to serve the needs of the Soviet industry or to help Soviet citizens in a daily life. The robots are implemented with a combat program that should be activated in case of a war.

Atomic Heart revolves around a KGB agent dispatched to investigate Facility 3826, a top-secret network of city-sized research centers and factories scattered across an alternate-history Soviet Union. The perils players encounter in the game – killer robots, bio-weapons, zombies – are fantastical, but the concept of hidden research cities is very much real.

Title: Atomic Heart
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Mundfish
Publisher: Mundfish





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