Blasphemous 2: Limited Collector’s Edition-EMPRESS

Blasphemous 2: Limited Collector's Edition-Empress

Delve deeper into the divine secrets of Blasphemous 2 with a printed instruction manual lovingly crafted by the developers themselves. Discover hidden techniques, unlock forbidden powers, and decipher ancient prophecies that will shape your path towards redemption. Immerse yourself in the profound gratitude of the Game Kitchen team, whose heartfelt thank you letter awaits you, a tangible symbol of their appreciation for joining this holy quest.

No pilgrimage would be complete without tangible blessings, and Blasphemous 2: Limited Collector’s Edition delivers them aplenty. Adorned with the enigmatic Marca del Martitio, a metal coin forged in the fiery depths of purgatory, you will carry the weight of your sins with pride. Experience divine revelation through three exquisite art cards, adorned with all-new illustrations that breathe life into the macabre world of Blasphemous.

Title: Blasphemous 2: Limited Collector’s Edition


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