Goodboy Galaxy-EMPRESS

Goodboy Galaxy-Empress

Featuring innovative gameplay mechanics and the nostalgia-inducing charm of the Game Boy Advance, Goodboy Galaxy is a love letter to classic gaming. Unleash Maxwell’s abilities, upgrading his equipment and unraveling the mysteries of the galaxy. Traverse vertical and horizontal landscapes, solving challenging puzzles, and engaging in thrilling, action-packed encounters with otherworldly creatures.

As Maxwell, a courageous and curious dog, your home world is on the verge of collapse due to ecological disaster. Desperately searching for a solution, you launch into space, unaware of the mind-boggling journey ahead. But fate has different plans for our intrepid hero. Stranded thousands of lightyears away from home, at the edge of a hostile galaxy, Maxwell must summon all of his wits and determination to survive.

Title: Goodboy Galaxy
Genre: Shooter, Platform, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Rik



Goodboy Galaxy EMPRESS Game Image 1
Goodboy Galaxy EMPRESS Game Image 2

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