As the once majestic starship groans under the strain of imminent annihilation, you find yourself with a desperate plan of escape, one that depends on forging alliances with your sworn enemies. With every nail-biting decision, you must determine whether to extend a hand of cooperation or seize the opportunity to sabotage those who stand in your way.

The fate of the fractured starship rests in your hands, and it will take every ounce of cunning, strategy, and resilience to navigate through this gripping sci-fi epic. Will you embrace your darker instincts and leave everything in your wake? Or will you uncover the true nature of your troubles and work towards redemption? In Judas, the choices are yours to make, the alliances yours to forge, and the future yours to shape. Let your journey begin.

Title: Judas
Genre: Shooter, Adventure
Publisher: Ghost Story Games
Developer: Ghost Story Games



Judas EMPRESS Game Image 1
Judas EMPRESS Game Image 2


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