Monster Lover: Balasque-EMPRESS

Monster Lover: Balasque-Empress

But hold on tight, for this is no ordinary dating sim! Delve into the cleverly crafted storyline that will have your heart racing with every choice you make. As the enigmatic demon, Balasque, takes a keen interest in your unwary protagonist, a tantalizing game of cat and mouse unfolds – or is it demon and human?

In the alluring realm of dark magic and forbidden desires, prepare yourself for a heart-stopping journey into the realm of monsters and mayhem in Monster Lover: Balasque!

Title: Monster Lover: Balasque
Genre: Simulator, Indie



Monster Lover: Balasque EMPRESS Game Image 1
Monster Lover: Balasque EMPRESS Game Image 2


  • OS *: Windows 7+

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