Project Code Vampire Hunter-EMPRESS

Project Code Vampire Hunter-Empress

Immerse yourself in a richly detailed game world that effortlessly blends dark gothic aesthetics with futuristic cyberpunk elements. Traverse sprawling cityscapes etched in grotesque beauty, from towering gothic cathedrals to neon-lit sprawling slums, each teeming with secrets and treacherous encounters. Engage with intriguing non-playable characters, each with their own unique stories and abilities, who will provide crucial insights and assistance along your perilous journey.

Project Code Vampire Hunter is not just a game, but a thrilling journey that will transport you to a world brimming with danger, darkness, and theatrical terror. Can you conquer your inner demons, defy the unearthly odds stacked against you, and vanquish the ancient vampiric menace? Unleash your inner hunter and rise above the darkness in this breathtaking adventure that will leave you thirsty for more.

Title: Project Code Vampire Hunter
Genre: Visual Novel
Publisher: Voltage Inc.
Developer: Voltage Inc.


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